Zemana AntiMalware Beta

Zemana AntiMalware 2.0

AntiMalware 2.0 uses the Scan Cloud, a highly-optimized cluster of computers
running 10 always-up-to-date Antivirus Engines.

We invite you to take part in our beta testing program.

We are giving away free lifetime license to every beta tester.

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Boost your defenses against online fraud with Antilogger Pro

Zemana AntiLogger
  • Stop malicious programs from stealing your usernames and passwords

  • Works on the assumption that your PC is infected

  • No confusing options to set. Auto-on and no configuration needed

  • Powerful, yet light. Does not slow down your PC

Fully Functional 15-day Trial Buy Now $29.95

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Zemana AntiLogger

Antilogger Pro Protects You From:

  • Information stealing malware and spyware
  • 0-hour malware and targeted attacks
  • Sophisticated financial malware like ZeuS and SpyEye
  • Key loggers, screen grabbers, microphone and webcam hijackers, SSL banker Trojans, spying rootkits and many more
  • Small, light and efficient