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Clean your computer in minutes with Zemana Anti-Malware,
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Zemana AntiMalware

Enhance your security with
Zemana AntiMalware Premium features:

Real Time

Fast and efficient scanning and prevention of future infections

Security Solution

Lightweight, highly optimized and it doesn't affect your overall PC performance


Gets rid of annoying browser add-on's, unwanted apps and tool bars. Efficient adware cleaner.


Build your defense system against ransomware with Zemana AntiMalware

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There's no need to tinker with confusing settings-with years of experience built-in, it just works "out of the box". All you have to do is download and run AntiMalware... then sit back for about few minutes while it scans your machine and eliminates all potential threats.

- Cnet

Zemana AntiMalware also cleans up your browser experience, preventing annoting pop-ups, keeping spam in check, and scanning for threats in the websites you actively visit. It will also actively remove any installed, unwanted toolbars, the kind that often come preloaded with upgrades or downloads.

- FileHippo

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