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Zemana Antimalware

Protect your PC from any type of malware!


Is your PC infected with malware that you cannot remove?
Don't worry. Malware removal has never been so easy.

Malware Removal

Zemana Antimalware detects and removes hardcore malware, adware, spyware and any other type of malware that puts your PC at risk.

Real Time

Fast and efficient malware scanning and protection of the future malware infections


Removes annoying browser add-on's, unwanted apps and toolbars and frees your PC from adware. Efficient adware cleaner.


Build your defense system against ransomware with Zemana AntiMalware

Scan your PC 5x faster

Don't waste your time. Remove malware from your PC with one click in just few minutes. Zemana AntiMalware scans and cleans your PC. With the power of its super fast cloud scan any malware will be detected and removed from your PC in a matter of minutes.

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Adware removal tool

We found Zemana Antimalware aggressive against adware, and we are putting it on the top of Adware Removal Tools list. It is a cloud based Antimalware software with its own signature database with AV scanning in the cloud. We found it effective against many hard to remove adware.

Afraid of ransomware? Don't be.

Ransomware has become a top security threat in the last couple of years. Due to the massive spread of ransomware, everyone is at risk. Zemana Labs spend a lot of time and invested years of experience in order to create the best possible anti-ransomware protection tool. MRG Effitas claimed it is as best ransomware protection. See more here

Lightweight security solution

Zemana Antimalware doesn't clutter up your drive since it takes only 5 MB of your hard disk space. It is lightweight, highly optimized and it doesn't affect your overall PC performance.

As for the program's functionality, Zemana AntiMalware comes packaged in one of the lighest-weight file sizes at this level of protection, using only 5MB of disk space.

Rated by experts, loved by users.

There's no need to tinker with confusing settings-with years of experience built-in, it just works "out of the box". All you have to do is download and run AntiMalware... then sit back for about few minutes while it scans your machine and eliminates all potential threats.

Zemana AntiMalware also cleans up your browser experience, preventing annoying pop-ups, keeping spam in check, and scanning for threats in the websites you actively visit. It will also actively remove any installed, unwanted toolbars, the kind that often come preloaded with upgrades or downloads.

We Keep You Safe

Protect your PC from any kind of malware, ransomware and adware!
Your ultimate anti-malware protection!

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