Zemana AntiLogger FREE

Protect your financial and private data against hackers

Zemana AntiLogger Free is light-weight but powerful app that monitors all activities on your PC. Heuristic based functionality allows Zemana AntiLogger free to prevent your financial and private data from being misused. Zemana AntiLogger Free comes with two basic modules: Keycrypt Encryption and SSL Protection Module, so everything you type is protected and your online browsing is secured against hackers intrusion.

Zemana AntiLogger Free

We strongly recommend you to use our Zemana AntiLogger Premium for your PC’s ultimate protection against all possible threats, such as Financial Malware, Web-cam Logging, Clip-board and Michrophone Hijacking, System Files Damaging. If you are a Freemium or Premium user, not to worry, you are still safe and protected.

Product Specifications

(32bit and 64bit)
Absolutely FREE!
File Size
3.5 MB
Last Updated
Thursday, November 5, 2015

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Always up to date protection

You are never hassled to update.

Keystroke Logging Protection

Everything you type is protected.

SSL Intrusion Prevention

Your online transaction processes are protected.

AntiVirus Compatibility

Works with existing security software without conflict, click HERE for AV compatibility list.

Support For Multiple Languages

Zemana AntiLogger is available in more than 30 different worldwide languages.

Financial Malware Protection

Shuts down all malicious activities before they take place on your PC.

IntelliGuard - Cloud Powered Early Response System

Each threat is scanned against large up-to-date malicious file databases.

Screen Capture Protection

Everything on your display is protected.

Webcam Hijacking Protection

Everything your web-cam sees is protected.

Microphone Hijacking Protection

Makes sure that no illegal application is trying gain access to your microphone.

Clipboard Remote Access Protection

Everything copied and pasted is protected.

System Intrusion Protection

Crucial System Files are protected.

Priority Updates

Important and high-priority updates which are critical to the security and reliability of your computer.

24/7 Technical Support

Our engineers will connect to your PC and manually help you out. Don’t worry! We’re here to keep you safe!

I downloaded Zemana Antilogger Free, and I think it's the best free antilogger program on the market. However, it doesn't contain the behavior-based protection unique to the pro version. After using the free version for a few days, I upgraded to the pro version to boost my defenses against online fraud.

Col. D. Gillespie

Many thanks to our AntiLogger Free users

Over 50,000 users who use Zemana AntiLogger Free have upgraded to AntiLogger Pro.

Money Back Guarantee

If within the first 14 days, Zemana AntiLogger does not meet your needs, we will return your money.

Zemana AntiMalware 14 Day Money Back Guarantee