Zemana AntiLogger Free

Zemana AntiLogger Free
  • Protects every application on your computer, and not just your web browser
  • Stops keyloggers by scrambling every key that you type instantly, quietly, effective, in the background
  • Even if the keyloggers capture your keystrokes, all they'll see are highly encrypted random characters
  • No confusing options to set. The Free version scrambles every keystroke, and protects everything that you type

Product Specifications

Windows (32bit and 64bit)
Absolutely FREE!
File Size
3.5 MB
Last Updated
Thursday, November 5, 2015

Which option meets your needs?

AntiLogger Free

AntiLogger Pro

System-Wide Keylogger Protection

Encrypts keystrokes deep in your computer. Even if stolen, your information is illegible.

Always up to date protection

Your protection does not rely on signature database

Financial Malware Protection

Banker Trojans, Secure connection intruders, Man-in-the- Browser attacks

Alert about malware and kill it

Tells you which file is trying to access your information. You can stop it and remove it from your computer.

Behavior-Based Protection against Data Stealers

Our unique technology detects when malware is trying to steal information from any of your input devices. More Info

Cloud Powered Autopilot Mode

IntelliGuard will block in real time information stealing malware trying to start on your PC

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I downloaded Zemana Antilogger Free, and I think it's the best free antilogger program on the market. However, it doesn't contain the behavior-based protection unique to the pro version. After using the free version for a few days, I upgraded to the pro version to boost my defenses against online fraud.

Col. D. Gillespie

Many thanks to our AntiLogger Free users

Over 50,000 users who use Zemana AntiLogger Free have upgraded to AntiLogger Pro.

Money Back Guarantee

If within the first 14 days, Zemana AntiLogger does not meet your needs, we will return your money.

Zemana AntiMalware 14 Day Money Back Guarantee