We’re here to keep you safe.

Who We Are

Zemana Ltd, a privately held technology-driven provider of award-winning security solutions, was founded in 2007 by three college graduates. Nearly a decade later, our success speaks for itself. Our headquarters are still in Turkey, we are still privately held, still pursuing our mission, and now have offices in Europe and the USA.

We think that online security is an arms race

Malware versus security solutions. Let’s be clear about this. It is the criminals versus the good guys, with the good guys being us.

Identity theft, financial malware, spyware and SSL intruders…

Traditional security products simply can’t keep up because malware developers are able to specifically target and bypass them. Our response is a culture of innovation, and a strategy of defense-in-depth.

We have an R&D team of veteran security experts.

Their many years of combined experience in kernel development and threat prevention enable them to constantly develop new technology, which we then rapidly deploy for our ever-expanding user base. Meanwhile, we tap the power of the cloud to provide layered but "lite" security to catch even the most cunning malware, including zero day threats.

We’re all about beating the bad guys.

Happily, this supports our corporate goals: to expand our customer and client-base; to grow our assets and investments; to build a good reputation in the field of ID Theft Security; and to become one of the key players in the international security solutions market.

We also know that the final layer of security has to be "between monitor and chair".

So, we’re big on getting people to think about the risks from targeted attacks, especially ID Theft, information stealing, and online fraud.

Needless to say, the Zemana team embodies a cosmopolitan culture of creativity, innovation and expertise, plus old-fashioned integrity and fair dealing -- we prefer our business relationships to be win-win.

We believe ours is the best response to the breadth and depth of today’s online threats. We are proud that an increasing number of organizations and individuals share our vision.

Ultimately, we’re here to keep you safe.

Where We Are

Contact Information

Zemana Ltd. (Turkey)

Thracian Technology Development Park 48
22030 Edirne / TURKEY

Phone: +90 (284) 988 0160

(Please note that we do not offer technical support by phone, only through our support form.)

Email: support@zemana.com

Zemana Doo. (Europe)

Zmaja od Bosne 7,
Importanne Business Center floor:2,
Sarajevo, BIH 71000

Phone: +387 (33) 268-330

(Please note that we do not offer technical support by phone, only through our support form.)

Email: support@zemana.com