Tired of being a victim of fraud activities?

We have a solution for you.

Zemana SafeOnline

is designed for banks and financial institutions to keep your money and clients safe.

What is the weakest part of your security chain?

Banks security chain weakness

Your users


Man in the middle attack schema

Even if you have fully secured your internal infrastructure, without needed protection on the clients side, cyber-attackers can steal your clients private data before they even reach your network!

Customers carry the risks of fraud – but the financial institution pays for it.

In order to keep your clients and your money safe

Zemana SafeOnline offers layered protection:

Zemana SafeOnline layered protection

Real Time Protection

Blocks and shuts down all malicious activity before it takes place on your clients PC or mobile phone.

SSL Intrusion Prevention

Protects SSL (https) data pre-encryption, prevents Man-in-the-Browser (MitB), and monitors Trusted Root CA Store for fake root certificate information.

Zero day malware protection

With the power of Pandora Real Time Sandbox Technology it dramatically increases zero day malware protection by blocking execution of files with low reputation and brand new malicious patterns.

Keystroke Encryption

By operating on the kernel level, Zemana SafeOnline protects everything your client types either on their mobile or PC.

How your organization stays notified?

Zemana SafeOnline security report

Data about affected users will be sent to your organization through realtime notifications and periodic reports.

If you need more information for Zemana SafeOnline, please contact us.

Supported platforms:

Zemana SafeOnline Supported Platforms

Keep your business safe!