Welcome to our Beta corner

Zemana AntiMalware 3.0

Test the most stable beta version so far and design new features together with us.

About ZAM 3.0

Why ZAM 3.0?

All the way along we build products based on our experiences, thoughts, and ideas. But actually, all the best ideas are coming from your side so we realized.

You want a product that cleans malwares, has a super fast scan speed and is very simple to use.

No problem. We will build that kind of product for you. Simple as that.

And most importantly, we want to bring you on that journey of ours and help us make it the best antimalware it can be.

Oh, and one more thing
Thank you for all your support. Nothing of this would be possible without you.
You rock.

Let's start the journey!

The journey

We are at the start of a journey in building a product fully developed based on your needs only. There are steps we need to pass in order to do this and for all of this we need your help. A lot of it! So, let's start.

Step 1. Bug-free product(Completed)

Bug Free Product

The first step in our journey is creating a bug-free product. In order to add new features, we have to eliminate all those small bugs lurking in our beta version.

So, let us show you how you can help us.

1. Download ZAM 3.0 Beta


2. Scan your PC and enjoy the new scan speed :)

3. After scan finishes send us your feedback (Your help means a lot to us!)

4. Also you can click on the screenshot below to join our public feedback board

Step 2. Implementing your features

Once we complete the first step of our journey and have a bug-free product we will jump to implementing the features you asked for. So, make sure to send us all your wishes through ZAM 3.0 product UI.

Don't miss any point of this journey